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What kind of charger for deep cycle battery?

A deep cycle battery is a 12V lead-acid battery that is utilized in different applications. The battery keeps on discharging all its lifetime. As a result, it needs to be deeply charged regularly for power. A deep cycle battery charger is therefore required for the purpose of recharging it.

There are a variety of chargers in the market today. This means that you have to be careful to get the right kind. Below are some of the types that you might want to try out.

NOCO Genius Model Ultra Safe Smart Charger

This deep cycle battery charger is one of the cheapest. It charges both 6 volt and 12-volt deep cycle batteries. It has reverse polarity and protection for overcharge and hence the battery is spark proof. For 12volt batteries, there is an option to charge lithium batteries hence advantageous.

Optimate 6 Ampmatic Battery Charger

This type of a deep cycle battery charger has to functions which include;

  • Maintenance
  • Charging

The charger is meant for 12Volt batteries only but interestingly, it can still charge standard 12volt batteries, AGM and gel battery. It can take power from a 100 to 240 volt with a frequency of between 50 and 60 HZ.

Energizer ENC2A 2Amp Battery Charger

This is a cheap battery with a high utility level it serves the following purposes;

  • Maintainer
  • Charger

It is smart to an extent of changing from a mode of charging to a floating one to avoid overcharging. The charger can be used for both 6 volt and 12-volt deep cycle batteries. However, the charger is quite slow as it inputs 2Amps.

Guest ChargePro On-Board Waterproof Battery Chargers

This works best for gel, AGM and flooded deep cycle batteries. It provides an exact amount of charge since it contains a microprocessor. The charger can take power from sources that are as high as 120 volts and 230 volts.

The charger is waterproof and does not harm the environment around you hence one of the best.

BMK Brand 12V 5A Smart Battery Charger

The deep cycle battery serves the following purposes;

  • Maintenance
  • Charging

This is a portable and waterproof charger that can be carried anywhere with ease. It can charge batteries between 15 amp and 100 amp hours. It has a long life hence very suitable for your charging needs.


It is always good to be considerate of your deep cycle battery before buying the charger. A right choice saves on the money spent on buying chargers frequently.

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